It’s nice that there is air conditioner all over the site now

Back when I was growing up, there weren’t certainly numerous sites around here that had central air conditioner in them.

At that point in time, the part in which we lived was a entirely terrible site & not numerous people had the money to get central air conditioner installed in their homes & businesses. Of course, back then, we did not entirely guess that we were all that poor, even though we were. All of us did guess that only rich people had air conditioner, & the only time that we ever entirely experienced air conditioner at all was when we made the decision to go into neighborhood & inside the bank or 1 of the main costly corporations on Main Street. It was just 1 of those things that we did not think about all that much because nobody that we knew had air conditioner. I remember the first time that I ever felt air conditioner. It was when I went with our mother & our little sibling to the bank 1 day. I remember feeling the cold air blowing down on myself and others from the air conditioner vents in the bank lobby. It easily felt magical to myself and others & our little sibling. All of us felt like we were at the North Pole or something like that. After that, I always used to pretend that we had air conditioner in our house too. Of course, that never happened until long after I had graduated from high college. These afternoons, there is air conditioner all over the site, however I think that everyone take it for granted.

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