My dust sensitivities are worse this year than ever

My dust sensitivities are worse this year than they have ever been before, but i don’t guess what’s going on around here with all of the pollen, however I wish that it would just stop already.

I am sick & tired of all of the coughing & the sneezing, that’s for sure, but nothing seems to be helping this year, even our proper dust sensitivity medications.

I easily called up our dust sensitivity nurse & she doesn’t have an opening at her office until the first week of October! I think pretty much everyone is suffering this year, but the receptionist at the dust sensitivity nurse easily gave myself and others some advice though; She said that a lot of people were having luck with having their ventilation systems cleaned out by a professional Heating & Air Conditioning professional, however apparently, when you have a professional ductwork cleaning task done, it can get rid of some of the pollen that may be trapped in your home’s ventilation system, getting rid of the pollen equals getting rid of some of those allergens that are making you angry. I thanked her for her advice then I immediately called up our local Heating & Air Conditioning business to see if they could come out & wipe the ductwork in our house for me. They made an appointment for myself and others for next week, & I literally cannot wait to get them into our house. I’m going to ask them to put an anti allergen filter in our cooling system too. I might easily even talk to them about a whole home air cleaner. At this point, I’m willing to do just about anything to get rid of the pollen.

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