My husband bought a house without even seeing it first

This sounds completely crazy, but before we got married a couple of years ago, my husband bought a house without even seeing it first.

He was working at this company that gave him a really big promotion all of a sudden. He wasn’t really expecting the promotion at that point in his career, but since it was such a big jump in salary and status, he accepted it. Even though it meant that he had to move to a different city in a different state, he thought that the move would be good for his career. Looking back on it, it was a good thing because he ended up meeting me in that city too! Anyway, whenever he moved, he didn’t have time to go house hunting and so he hired a realtor to find a place for him. The only thing that he really cared about as far as the house specifics went was the HVAC system. He told the realtor that he really wanted a high efficiency air conditioning system and a place with radiant heated flooring. Since he was getting this big promotion, he could really afford just about anything that he wanted at that point. He also told her that he wanted a wood burning fireplace in the bedroom and another one in the living room. Since he gave her all of those specifics, it was easy for her to find a place for him. The house is beautiful and best of all, once we got married, I got to move in there with him too!


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