My son wants to work on a farm this summer

My son decided that he wants to work on a berry farm this summer.

This is the first that I have ever heard about that sort of thing.

I was really surprised when he came to us and told us that he wanted to go work on this berry farm that’s a few miles away from our house. Usually my son just wants to sit around in the air conditioning all summer, but this year he told us that he wants to work outside. It was really shocking when he first told us about it. I did not think that he would actually go through with it, honestly. I thought that he would go and work there for one day or maybe two and then he would give up because he wanted to come home and sit in the cold air conditioning at our house. But, it is already his third week of work and he is still going strong. He says that he really enjoys the work, even though it gets really hot outside in the fields. I have to say that I am somewhat impressed with his work ethic because I used to think they did not even have one. He says that the only time that they get to sit in the air conditioning and cool off is when they take their breaks in the main area of the barn that has a little window unit air conditioning system in it. I am pretty proud of him for going and doing this job, because honestly I don’t know if I could do it myself. I guess he really loves picking strawberries, and he is thinking about going to school for agriculture next semester.


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