I still have a month of work to do

I slept great last evening and feel energized today so I’m thinking of doing something fun tonight even though I’m not sure what.

I could jump on one of those dating apps and try to meet someone, however it feels so rigid that it’s just not fun for me.

The best thing to do is stay local tonight and see what is going on in the downtown area near my loft. I’ve been working on the weather conditions control system in my pal’s new home this week, trying to wash it so it works well during the hot Summer. I just completed this week so I’d love to treat myself to a relaxing evening out. I still have some work to do on this new home however I would love to enjoy my weekend as I’ve worked hard to finish the job. I think the a/c is blowing colder now and it feels much more comfortable in the room in the evening. This is pretty satisfying. I’ve been in the AC field for 2 decades and love working on the Heating and Air Conditioning systems. I also have to do some tasks on the vinyl siding next week and work on plumbing concerns in the house. I’m not too gleeful about the plumbing stuff though because it requires working on toilets, which is not my cup of tea. Maybe I can call the local corporation to do the toilet tasks.



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