He’s been working on the climate control system at his parents beach house

Alex was so relaxed the previous night and was full of energy, so he felt like doing something fun though he wasn’t sure what.

  • He could hop on one of those dating apps and find a date, but it felt so artificial and forced that Alex just couldn’t bring himself to do so.

He thought of just staying local and seeing what is going on in the downtown section near his house. Alex had been working on the weather conditions control plan in his parents’ beach house that week, trying to wash it up so it’s ready for another sizzling summer. He was done with work and wanted treat himself to a fun night out. Alex still has 4 weeks of work to do on this house but wanted to have a fun weekend as he had worked hard that past week on the house. He knew the air conditioning component was blowing colder now and it felt much more comfortable in the rooms at night. Alex was pretty pleased about that. He has been in the A/C field for quite some time and enjoys working on the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system at his home when he has the time. Alex also has to do some tasks on the vinyl siding next week and repair some plumbing issues in the house. He isn’t too happy about the plumbing stuff though because it involves working on toilets, which he detests. Maybe he can contact the local plumbing company to do the toilet job.

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