I won’t be without heat this coming winter

It doesn’t matter if my children laugh at me.

I had a heating and cooling professional look at our oil furnace earlier this month. Although my family thinks I am crazy for having furnace maintenance done now, they do not understand that I am being wise. Even though it’s summer and the weather in our city can get hot and humid, I’m making sure our furnace is diagnosed. I want to ensure our furnaces are working properly now. In the event the heating and cooling professional notices a problem with the oil furnace, I have about six months to determine what needs to be done. I would be without heating when I most needed it if I waited until I needed my furnace. Servicing our furnace well in advance of its use for the season is a wise move on my part in maintaining our HVAC plan as a whole. It doesn’t matter if my children laugh at me. A few months from now, when the weather drops, they will definitely be in trouble if we don’t have heat! Our heating and cooling professional found no problems with our furnace, so we will be ready for winter. It’s likely I will hear the same remarks when I have my air conditioning system diagnosed this winter. Most of all, I am concerned that our house is heated and cooled so we can live comfortably. I don’t care too much about the jokes.


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