Getting the furnace serviced

Earlier this week I had a heating and cooling technician come to the house and take a look at our furnace.

My wife and kids think I am crazy for having furnace maintenance done right now, but they don’t understand that I am actually being smart. Even though it is the summer and the weather is as hot and humid as it gets in our city, I am making sure that my furnace is serviced. Now is the time to make sure that heating systems are running properly. If the heating and cooling technician notices a problem with the furnace, I have about 6 months to figure out a plan and schedule for fixing this problem. If I waited until I needed to use the furnace, I would be without heating at a time where I really needed it. In servicing my furnace with so much time before it is needed for the season, I am actually being smart in maintaining my HVAC system as a whole. I don’t care if my kids make fun of me, they certainly would have a big problem if we didn’t have heat when the weather drops a few months down the line! Luckily, the heating and cooling technician did not find any problems with our furnace, so we will be good to go come winter. I am sure I will face the same kinds of remarks when I have the air conditioning system serviced this winter. However, I am most concerned that I am prepared to heat and cool my home for my family, and I don’t care too much about the jokes at my expense.

heating technology