Hard to stay fit with beer drinking

Making your own booze means drinking a lot of it.

  • This late into middle age, drinking this much booze on a regular basis wreaks havoc on my system.

I suppose that I am no Springtime chicken, but I try my best to remain fit in addition to trim as I approach middle age. Brewing booze in addition to staying in shape are not easy things to reconcile, because in a lot of ways they conflict with each other. Drinking booze fills me with empty calories, in addition to also making me sluggish in addition to being less likely to be active. I had to make a choice between being drunk in addition to my own wellness in addition to fitness. So I sold my beer-making equipment in addition to using the money to get a gym membership for an entire year. I am making a commitment to my health for 1 year, at which point I will decide if I am ecstatic in addition to wanting to renew my gym membership. No matter what happens within the next year, I am devoted to going to the gym at least several times a week for a workout. I don’t suppose if it will be yoga or cross fit, or weight training, but I will be physically active at the gym several times per week. I will also go there other afternoons just to use the sauna or the steam room, because this gym is also a health center with several unique options. I know I will start with a few cross fit classes, because I hear that they are high impact in addition to generating fast results. I will miss the beer, though!


Semi-private fitness training