Our humidifier made the home livable

Who doesn’t appreciate a beachside holiday? Well, not us.

The two of us had everything planned to have the best 2 weeks holiday down at the coast.

After a long year of working & meeting deadlines, it was time to unwind. The goal was to spend time in the ocean or the infinity pool that the home we booked came with… From the pictures & videos online, the arena was simply magical. The two of us couldn’t wait for the day to arrive when we’d get on a plane & find ourselves away from the snowing mountains. The two of us even did a video to post online, counting down the nights. Finally, we got to the home safely & settled in, thanks to the cooling system. The house was tastefully furnished, however humidity seemed to be an issue. The space felt so clammy that it was hard to fall asleep that first night. But, instead of complaining, we chose to head to neighborhood & buy more than one dehumidifiers. They’d detach all the excess humidity & work with the a/c to keep us cool. The host is a friend, so we had to explain that we were getting humidifiers for the beach house. She mentioned they had a broken whole-home dehumidifier, & the Heating & Air Conditioning expert had yet to come by. The two of us made the right decision not to turn a mound into a mountain. Instead, adding the portable dehumidifiers made the space livable during our more than one-month holiday. About 3 nights before we were set to leave, an Heating & Air Conditioning expert came by to repair the whole-house dehumidifier. He also did an A/C method tune-up & check-up to ensure the next guests had an equally pleasant stay.
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